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How does a listing in help my business
How do I customize my business listing
How do I update my business details?
I lost my password / login details
I don’t have a password, can I still make changes?
How do I add more details to my listing?
How can I get people to give my business great reviews?
How can I get to the top of the listings?
How can I get alerted when someone reviews my business?
How can I add photos and videos to my business listing?
How can I lock my business listing?
How do i get more links to my business profile?
How do i verify my business listing details?
How do I manage my listing in Uberall?

Basic features

Add a business listing | Add a photo or video to your Review | Add and update business tags and location tags | Add photos and videos to your business listing | mobile | Claim your business listing | Edit your review | Find a business | Getting alerted to updates and reviews | Invite a friend | Invite reviews | Refine your search | Report a business listing | Report a review | Report a user | Request removal of a business listing (delete) | Review a business | Roll back incorrect changes | Update, edit, enhance or correct a business listing

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Overview of customize my pageMoving (dragging) unitsEditing (changing content in) unitsAvailable units (and options/settings)Summary of units and optionsGet Bidget code | What widgets can I add to my page

Frequently asked questions

Adding and updating business listings | Business owners FAQ | Finding a businessRegistration and user accounts | Problems and solutions


Anonymous user (unregistered user, anon) | Bidget | Business details page | Business listing | Business tags | Business toolbox | Claim | Claimant | Contribution | Customize my page | Dispute | Endorsements (invite, manage, request) | Housekeeping | Junk mail, junk folder, spam folder | Kudos / reputation | Location tags | Locked listing (claimed listing) | My account | Percent complete (% complete) | Public profile | Registration | Report | Review | Roll back | Search engine optimization (SEO) | Tagging (tag) | Transfer (a claim) | Unclaimed business listingUnitUnit palette | Verify (verified listing) | Verify changes (verification email)

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