Overview of Customize My Page

You can present your business in the best way by customizing your Brownbook business profile.

Add rich media like photos and videos, marketing information, your company logo, in fact lots of additional information to make your page stand out and entice new customers.  Plus you can change the layout of the information on your business listing page.  You can also re-use some Brownbook elements (e.g. your reviews) on your own external websites.

In summary, you can
– change the layout of your page
– add new information like photos, videos, logos, marketing information and more
– add external widgets, like Meebo’s excellent instant messenger widget “MeeboMe” (www.meebo.com) to respond in real-time to sales enquiries
– re-use Brownbook features, like reviews, as Bidgets (Business Widgets) on your own website

To do this you’ll need to have claimed your listing.

Here’s how it works

Navigate to your business profile page and in the business toolbox click any of the controls to ‘add’ a unit and you’re off.

The information on your page is grouped into ‘units’, for example: business details unit, map unit, review unit, tags unit.  A unit describes one element of the information on your page.
– Most units can be dragged around the page to change their position
– Some new units can be added (e.g. Logo unit, text unit, video unit, photo unit, etc)
– Some units can be removed
– Some units have customization options, for example: an image unit lets you select an image to display; a video unit lets you select a video to play; and a text unit lets you compose and format text information for your customers.

For more details about the options for each unit type see Available Units.