Invite a friend (reputation, plus gold stars & blue stars)

You can add to your reputation in in two ways: one is by making contributions, and the other is by inviting friends.

Registered users will see a ‘friends’ icon and some ‘stars’ next to their name.  These denote how active you are within and help others to assign some notion of credibility to your reviews and updates:
– 1 gold star = 1 contribution
– 1 blue star = another user has found one of your reviews ‘helpful’
– 1 friends = another user has registered as a direct result of an invitation you sent

A user with many friends and many stars might gain a higher degree of credibility than a user with no friends and few stars.  Its not an exact science, but like in the real world when you’ve been active in a club for some time, and have brought new members to the club, you’ll tend to command a higher level of credibility than a newcomer.