Report a business listing

If you discover a business listing that is spam or junk, contains obscene or illegal content, is a duplicate, or that no longer exists you can report the business listing to us.  When you report a business listing it’s flagged in our administration system so we can take the appropriate action.

Navigate to the business page and hit ‘Problem with this’.  You’ll be asked to state why you’re reporting it; valid reasons for reporting a business listing: it’s spam, it contains obscene or illegal content, it’s a duplicate listing, or the business no longer exists.

The actions we’ll take include: dismiss the report with no action if we don’t agree, edit the listing to remove obscenities or spam, or delete the business listing. is a public listing service that lists businesses that are known in the public domain; if a business exists we reserve the right to list it.  You can view our Business Listing Policy here.