Location Tags

Location Tags are keywords that describe where a business actually does its business.

We don’t use traditional geographic searching because it doesn’t suit all businesses: a dog groomer may work exclusively local, but a yacht broker may cover an entire continent. So, the dog groomer may use Location Tags that are exclusively local to their business, such as “SOMA”, “Bay Area”, or “Putney, Chelsea, Wandsworth”. A yacht broker may use Tags that are more geographically broad, such as “Southampton, Portsmouth, UK, Europe, France, Nice, Monaco”.

This allows businesses to match their ability to get found with the way people are used to searching for them. For example, you won’t find a real prospect searching for “dog groomer in France”, but you might get them looking for “yacht broker in France”, or “Dog groomer in the Bay Area”.

When you’re looking for businesses you decide the scope of your search naturally by how you express the location. Similarly, as a business owner, be sure to tag your business in ways that make sense for your customers, and don’t forget you can always update your Location Tags at any time for free.

It’s important to ensure your Tags are relevant, as these are used to optimize your Listing for the major search engines.  This means if you have relevant Tags you’re more likely to get found there, not just on Brownbook.net.

When you claim your listing we lock it down so only you can update it, part of this is locking the tags so that no-one can delete your tags, but we still allow people to add tags.  In this way we allow your business tagging to organically grow as people add relevant tags.  You can still manage your own tags, because Brownbook.net alerts you any time anyone tags your business, so if you don’t agree with any new tags they’ve added you can remove them.

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