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Find the business listing, hit ‘review’, and follow the instructions. You can leave a rating (Good, OK, Poor), give a detailed comment, and you can even add a photo or video.

Registered users can make instant reviews; unregistered users need to verify their reviews by clicking a link in the email we send you.

Tip: did you get particularly good service from a business today, last week, last year? How about particularly bad? Maybe you got just what you hoped and expected? It’s surprising these days how often we receive bad service and how great it feels when we get good service. Brownbook lets you share your experiences so that others can get a heads-up.

You know what it’s like when someone refers a great business to you: it gives you peace of mind. And wouldn’t it be great if we could warn people of the bad guys too? Brownbook makes businesses accountable: if they do good, say good; if they do bad you have a right to say that too.

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