Edit (change the content of) a unit

Some units have options that you can or need to configure.

For example, image units require you to select which images you want them to display, and video units need the same for videos.  Text units need you to compose and format the text you want to display. Many units also have a title that you can edit, and show or hide.

You can further customize the look of some units by showing or hiding unit borders (NB: hiding all borders can allow some page content to flow a little more smoothly, using borders only to highlight certain information).

The process is this: first add the unit, then click “edit”, just under the relevant Unit’s name, and off you go.

You can use the checkboxes for show/hide borders, and show/hide title (where available).

Once you’ve finished editing a unit click save and see how it looks.  You’ll need to click ‘finish and preview’ page to exit the editor and see the page how others will see it.