Add a photo or video to your review

You can use photos and videos to enhance your reviews by adding one when you leave the review or by editing your review later and adding one then.

To be able to edit your past reviews you’ll need to register to create your account.  If you didn’t register when you left your reviews don’t worry, you can register later – so long as you register with the same email address you made your reviews with we’ll automatically assign all your past reviews to your account.

How to do it
To use a photo or video with a review, first make sure it’s saved somewhere you can find it on your computer.  When adding or editing a review, use the ‘browse’ button on the page to navigate to the photo or video you want to use, then hit ‘save’.

Photos can be up to 4MB
Videos can be up to 8MB

Be aware that large photos or videos can take some time to upload, so when you see the progress bar please be patient.

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