I lost my password / login details

At Brownbook.net you login with your email and a password, you will have set up your password when you registered.  If you dont remember your password you can reset it to something you can remember (see the link below).  You’ll be asked to enter your email address (it must be the one you registered with) and you’ll get an email a minute or so later with a link to reset your password.  CLick the link and you’ll hit a page where you can enter a new password – you’ll be asked to enter it twice to be sure you didn’t mistype it.

Email address not recognised?
If you get this message “No account with this email address was found”, or one like it, that means you entered the wrong email address.  We suggest you look back through your email box (and your deleted items) to find one of the emails we’d previously sent you to check which one you used when you registered.

None of this worked…
Did you DEFINITELY register?  Sounds crazy of us to ask, but you don’t need to have registered to make contributions to Brownbook.net.  The surefire way to check if you did register is to try registering again with the same email you think you used.  It will tell you if the email is already registered, then you can just use the forgotten password link on the login page to reset your password.

click here to reset your password.

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