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You can use as a classified business directory or as a white pages.

Use the single search box to enter any combination of search terms, including business name, business type, and location.  Your search results are displayed on the page with a map that pinpoints where they’re located, you may need to page through several pages if your search is quite wide.

You can search in any country in the world, or you can search worldwide.  We’ve provided some shortcut ‘flag’ icons on the home page that let you pre-select a country to search in (or select the globe for worldwide), and you can select any other country from the drop down list also on the home page.

When you search globally you may get a large number of results, you’ll notice you can filter the results by country and we provide flags and links just above the results to let you do that.

We use a combination of the business details, location tags and business tags to locate results that match your query.

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