Important update for business owners

Hi guys

Important changes with your listing – some things you’ll want to know

This update applies to all members that have claimed a business listing and have added one or both of the following promotions to your Brownbook business listing page:

  • Photo & Video Gallery
  • Detailed Text Description

We’ve made some improvements on these that you’ll want to know about.

Here’s why…
We’re always striving to improve for all our members and users, and there are two major new Promotions we’ve launched:
1.    Customise my page (Customisable business page)

  • Drag and drop to re-order the basic information on your page to present your business more uniquely
  • Add external widgets
  • Re-use features on your other website (eg your reviews)

2.    Create my website (DIY business website creator)

  • Create a professional website in minutes, with photos, videos, maps, and more
  • No technical expertise required
  • Simple online website creator

How you’re affected…
The Customise my page promotion offers improvements over the Photo & Video Gallery and the Detailed Text Description you’ve previously had, so we’ve phased those out and migrated you to the new promotion (of course there is not charge for this).  We’ve moved all your photos, video, and text too so you don’t need to upload them again.

The improvements…
Previously – You had up to four slots for photos and videos, and you had no control over where or how they were displayed.
Now – You can have up to 99 photo and/or video ‘units’, and they can be larger than before, you can rename them to be anything you like, for example “my artwork” or “my office”, or “my work” too.  Plus you can drag and drop to move them around independently on your page, so for example you could show an intro video at the very top of your page if you wish.

Previously – You had one space for text, you were pretty limited in how you could format it, and you had no control over where it was displayed.
Now – You can have multiple text ‘units’, and we’ve given you a much improved text editor.  So you can make the text MUCH better looking, colored, formatted, new fonts, include tables, and more.  You can also name each text unit independently, so for example you could call one “my pricing”, and another “my services”.

And, as a bonus…
And because Customize my page does more than the old Gallery and Text promotions, you’ll automatically get all the new featured too, including:

  • Logo Unit – upload and present your company logo
  • HTML Units – use external widgets, like Meebo’s excellent Instant Messenger widget, MeeboMe
  • Get Bidgets (Business Widgets) for you own website – you can now embed and use Brownbook information and features in your other websites (for example, your Brownbook reviews or map on your own website)

Need some help…?
We’ve created some new help pages that describe the new features, and we hope you find the improvements easy to use and to your liking.

We’ve aimed to make the transition as smooth as possible, but if you get any problems get in touch and we’ll see you right.

All the best

Dave Ingram