Junk mail filter (junk folder, spam folder)

Some processes in Brownbook.net rely on users clicking a link in automated emails that the system send, for example registration and unregistered user contributions.  Unless the link is clicked the process doesn’t get completed.

In the case of new user registration, you must click the activation link in the one-off activation email the system sends to you (if you don’t click it you will not have completed registration and your account will not be activated).

In the case of unregistered user contributions, you must click the verify link in the verification email the system sends you FOR EACH contribution (if you don’t click it your contribution will not appear).

NOTE: Some email systems have a very sensitive ‘junk mail’ filter and may wrongly judge an email to be junk mail. In this case you’ll often find the email in your ‘junk mail’ folder.  Most email systems allow you to ‘white list’ an email domain (on a PC you can try right-clicking on the email in your junk folder), and you may wish to add “brownbook.net” to your safe senders list).

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