What widgets can I add to my page

You can add a whole range of different widgets to your Brownbook page, when you use the ‘customize my page’ fetaures.  Just add an HTML unit to your page, go to your chosen widget provider, get the widget code, and paste it into your HTML unit.

Here are a few widgets you may like to try:

Skype Me!™ buttons
Show your online status on the web and let people call you straight from your website with SkypeMe!(TM) buttons.  Respond in real-time to sales enquiries or customer support.


Skype Public Chat snippets
Add live chatting to your website. Both hosts and participants can promote public chat that they are members of.  Invite your visitors to your very own personal chat room and ask for instant feedback, new ideas and comments on what more they’d like to see on your site. Setting up the chat is really easy and you can tweak it to suit you and your audience.


MeeboMe Instant Messenger
This widget lets you add an instant messenger facility right there on your webpage so visitors can see when you are online, message you, and get an immediate response.  Great for encouraging immediate real-time sales enquiries or for providing customer support.


Flickr Flash Photo Stream Badge
Display images from your Flickr profile with a handy flash photo stream.  Use it to display a slideshow photos and images, for example your products, or past work.


Twitter Badge
This widget displays your latest twitter posts in your webpage, so you can update visitors on what you’re doing right at that moment.


PollDaddy lets you create polls and surveys in no time, and display them on your webpage.  Use them for market research, customer questionnaires, in fact anything that you can think of to engage your prospective customers in some feedback.


Another poll-making widget.


If you use LinkedIn, the world’s largest business networking service, this lets people see your LinkedIn profile giving them greater insight into the person behind the business and helping build your credibility and trust.


MyBlogLog’s Recent Readers
This widget lets you see the names and avatars of recent visitors to your webpage.


This widget lets people call your mobile phone direct from your page, and your number stays private.