A registered user may dispute a claim that another user has made on a business listing.  This is intended to be an exception handler and would indicate that some erroneous Claim had taken place.

Brownbook.net includes a dispute resolution process that allows the disputer to settle the dispute with the claimant within 28 days.  If unresolved in that time both users accounts are locked and Brownbook.net administrators arbitrate to award the claim to the correct user.

The possible outcomes of a dispute are:

  1. Claimant gives up the claim to the disputer – the original claimant forfeits the payment for the claim and any promotions, and the disputer becomes the new claimant.  The new claimant inherits the remainder of the time on the claim and any associated promotions.
  2. Disputer withdraws the dispute – the claim remains with the original claimant.
  3. The dispute remains unresolved for 28 days – Brownbook.net administrators will award the claim to the correct user.

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