How do I decide what business tags to enter for my business?

Imagine how your customers think when they are looking for a business like yours.  For example, if you’re a roofing contractor, you might use “roofing contractor, roofing, roof”. If you’re a florist, you might get a bit smart and use “florists, flowers, weddings”, you might even use common misspellings just to be sure.

The search always looks for plurals, so, if you tag your business “florists”, it will get found when someone searches for “florist” as well as “florists”. So, there’s no need to use singular Tags (e.g. “florist”) – just use the plurals.

It’s important to ensure your tags are relevant, as these are used to optimize you listing for the major search engines.  This means if you have relevant tags you’re more likely to get found there, not just on

When in doubt, you may consider using similar tags to your competitors, but of course by doing that you are missing out on the chance to be unique, sometimes very niche specific tags can work best.

NOTE: be sure that your tags contain as few words as possible, with each tag separated by a comma, if you type a complete phrase as a tag (eg “we are suppliers of the best widgets that money can buy in new jersey”) you are actually LESS LIKELY to be found as it would require a searcher to type this tag EXACTLY for you to appear in results.  In this example your best bet may be “best, widgets, new jersey” (stripping out words that users are unlikely to search for, focusing on words that they may, and separating them with commas).

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