What does “Transfer of claims and disputes” mean?

Brownbook.net allows business owners or their authorized representatives to claim their business listing to take greater control over it.

We also provide mechanisms for claimants to handle the following scenarios in relation to their claims:

a) Transfer – When a claimant wishes to voluntarily hand over (Transfer) a claim to another user by agreement, if for example an employee leaves or if a business owner wishes to delegate responsibility for their Brownbook.net listing to another person.

b) Dispute – Where a user disputes the claim another user has made.

In both scenarios we affacte the transfer of the remaining term of the claim to the new claimant, so the new claimant effectively inherits the remaining term.  The way in which we do this depends upon the individual scenario, as follows:

In the case of a transfer we simply transfer the claim from the initial claimant to the new claimant and the remaining term of the claim is moved with it. There is no fee for this.

In the case of a dispute it’s more complicated.  If a user believes that someone else has claimed their business listing in error they can dispute the claim. We provide a dispute resolution centre which that allows private messaging between disputer and claimant without revealing private information about either.  When a dispute is raised we start a 28 day timer in which the dispute must be resolved between both parties. The two parties can use our dispute resolution centre to resolve the dispute (much like disputes in ebay). There are three possible outcomes for a dispute:

1) Should the current claimant decide to voluntarily forfeit his claim the claimed business listing is transferred to the disputer – the disputer becomes the new claimant and inherits the remaining claim time.  There is no fee for this;
2) Should the disputer decide to withdraw the dispute the claimed business listing remains with the existing claimant. No transfer takes place;
3) In the event that the dispute is not resolved within 28 days brownbook.net arbitrates, and either transfers the claim or upholds the existing claim. In the event of Brownbook.net finding in favor of the disputer the claim is transfered to the disputer who becomes the new claimant. In the event of Brownbook.net finding in favor of the claimant no transfer takes place.

The take-out from all this is:

  • don’t erroneously claim a listing because if you do you may end up forfeiting the claim and wasting any effort you already put in
  • if someone has erroneously claimed your listing we have a mechanism for you to flag it and get it resolved