Percent complete

‘Percent complete’ indicates the degree of completeness of any business profile, and for a claimant it indicates what extra can be done to promote his business profile.

The more complete your business profile the more it is likely your page will gain ranking in search engines and the more likely it is to entice potential customers to make contact.

Brownbook regards a basic initial business listing as 10% complete, and a claimed and verified business listing as 20% complete.  The following gives a breakdown of actions and information required to complete a business profile:
10%    Basic business listing with most details completed
+10%    Claimed and verified
+20%    Has minimum of five current endorsements
+20%    Has at least five 5 reviews added
+10%    Has at least one logo added
+10%    Has at least one image added
+10%    Has at least one section of text added
+10%    Has at least one video added

If you’re the claimant of a business listing you can invite other business owners you know to endorse your  business.  Customize your business profile by adding your logos, images and video, plus add some additional text information about your business, and invite customers to give you some great reviews.

You can also help to show search engines that your business profile is relevant by keeping your listing fresh by updating it regularly, and increase the number of links to your business by getting more endorsements.