Endorsements (invite, request, manage)

Business owners that have claimed their business listing will want to generate links to their business profile page to help it get found more online.  Increasing the number of links to a business profile is one of the best ways to increase its relevance within search engine rankings.

Brownbook provides the ‘endorsement’ mechanism to help you create and maintain links to your business page.

Endorsements are mutual links between the Business Profile Pages of yours and other businesses, and they get formed by mutual agreement between business owners.

You can create endorsements in two ways:

  • Invite endorsements: This allows you to invite multiple business owners you know to endorse your business profile.  You can enter email addresses manually or import them from your online address book (eg Google, Yahoo, etc).  An invite is sent to each person, and they get to decide if they would like to endorse your business or not.
  • Request endorsements: This allows you to request an endorsement from a specific business owner direct from their Business Profile Page.  Whilst logged in and viewing their business profile page you can request an endorsement from their business.

In both cased, when the other party accepts your invitation or request a mutual link is formed and displayed in both your businesses.

You can manage ‘invites’ and ‘requests’ from your My Account page.  Remember that endorsements are business-specific, so if you have more than one claimed business each can have its own independent set of endorsements.  You can also create cross endorsements between all your claimed businesses.

When managing endorsements for any of your claimed businesses you will see the page is divided into three tabs:

  • Endorsements – shows all currently active endorsements between your business and others.  You can choose to unlink an endorsement (which is like putting the endorsement ‘on hold’, temporarily removing the link between yours and the others business), relink a previously unlinked endorsement, or remove unlinked endorsements.  Any of these changes are mutual in that if you unlink and endorsement it will automatically become unlinked for the claimant of the other business, similarly if you remove an endorsement it will also be removed from the other business.
  • Pending Invites – shows all your recently sent invitations that have not yet been accepted by invitees.  Any requests you have made on another business also appear as pending invites.  Accepted invites are removed from pending invites and appear in Endorsements.  You can choose to send a reminder or remove an invite from the list.
  • Pending requests – shows all your recently received requests from other business owners.  You may choose to accept a request, or remove it from your list.  Once accepted, a request is removed from pending requests and becomes a current endorsement.