New page stats added to business profile pages

By popular demand we’ve added a new ‘Page statistics’ unit to all business profile pages.  Now you can see exactly how many times your profile page has been viewed, and how many times your website, blog, twitter and email links have been clicked – since today May 5th 2009.

If you’ve claimed your listing we’ll also do the math to calculate how much each page view and click has cost you, so over the course of the year you’ll be able to easily see what you’ve got for your money.

Brownbook V18 live today

Brownbook V18 went live today, with a couple of changes which I’ll outline here.  Aside from a whole heap of back-end stuff, the key front-end improvements revolve around the customizable business pages.

When you add new information to your business profile page (e.g. text, images, videos, widgets, etc) you can now choose to show or hide the unit titles, show or hide the unit borders, and edit the titles on most of the units.  If you already have a customized page go have a play.  On the face of it that sounds kinda small, but the result is your business profile page now looks rather more ‘clean’.  You can take a look at a few examples here:

Kosibah Creations Ltd – all borders showing, all titles showing

Woodland Skills – all borders showing, all titles showing

and our own Brownbook – some borders hidden, some titles hidden, some titles edited

Have fun


Brownbook appears in CILIP’s Gazette

The London-based Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) has written about Brownbook in the 10-23 April 2009 edition of their Library & Information Gazette.

It reads:

Interactive Business Directory Launched is an online global business directory which is free, and can be edited by anyone. Users simply type details of new companies into Brownbook to share with other web users. Similarly, international suppliers of a particular item can be tagged, and searched for by keyword. Brownbook lists 27m businesses in 240 countries, and is available at and on mobile

Speaking at ICMA conference in Tallinn, Estonia

downloadReally pleased to be speaking at the ICMA conference in Tallinn, Estonia on May 14th 2009 (International Classified Media Association). The event is titled “SHAPING THE FUTURE OF CLASSIFIEDS” and the session I am speaking at is titled: “Spotlight on innovation”.

It should be interesting as there will be a cross section of publishers present, some who are facing significant challenges to their traditional print revenues and are battling to resolve their online strategy, and others who are very advanced with the execution of an online strategy that is working very well for them.

And what am I talking about:


Meet us in San Francisco in May?

I’m taking a week or so in the Bay Area around May 15th – May 20th.  WANNA MEET UP?

I’m interested in meeting potential partners (local search, SEO, video, classifieds), investors (VC, corporate, or other), movers and shakers (bloggers, journalists, commentators, and more), networking groups, indeed anyone that might have something to offer.

This is a whirlwind trip where the diary is filling fast, so if you’d like to meet up in SFO, Palo Alto or anywhere in the vicinity drop me a line with a short intro 🙂

See you then


Be UN-competitive to succeed!

I’m always speaking to business owners about how they can get found more on the major search engines, and one topic of a conversation I had last week as Google’s excellent Keyword Tool, and how you can use it to pick UNcompetitive keywords that make you stand out.  You don’t have to be technical to get this.


Video profiles get more business. FACT.

your-company-here-small-300x180I’m excited to announce that Brownbook and Friday-Ad have teamed up in the UK to provide small businesses with a simple, fast and turnkey online video advertising product.

You can now get 30 second, 1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minute ads from as little as £12 a week, all professionally filmed, edited and produced, PLUS we distribute your video ad on Friday Ad, Brownbook, and over FIFTY other online video and media websites driving you up the search engine results.

Initially we’re piloting this in Sussex and Hampshire, UK, only but in the next few weeks we’ll be rolling it out more widely in the UK, as well as looking for partners in other countries for local production there.

Some interesting stats about video ads

  • Video ads increase response rate between FIVE and NINE times, and TWICE the conversion rates
  • The second largest search engine, after Google, is YouTube (yes, it even beats Yahoo! And MSN for number of searches each month)
  • 15 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute
  • 11 billion videos were viewed online in July 2008
  • 75% of all American web users viewed online video in July 2008
  • Online video achieves higher attention levels than TV
  • Today’s technology has reduced the cost and makes video advertising accessible to all

This is very much like the move from black and white to color ads that swept though the print world when color presses were introduced, it’s an unstoppable movement that local and small businesses are seizing, and you can’t afford to be left behind if you want to be competitive.

Want to know more?

Get a media pack and find out how you can pump up your business with video ads
Drop us a line to or

Can you help us?

If you are a freelance videographer or editor and you’d like to be involved in our national and international rollout, get your word in early by emailing me, jerry[AT] now.

Watch the media pack promo

See a few examples

We have products designed to suit every sitaution and every pocket, from simple photo montages, through Q&A or interview styles, to more creative documentary styles with multiple scenes. Here are just a few examples:

Sussex Angling Supplies

Lancing Marine

Jason of Mayfield

Chalk Pit Inn