Get Bidget code

Some units can be re-used on your other websites (see “summary of units and options”).  These are called Bidgets (short for Business Widget).

This lets you, for example:
– show off your Brownbook reviews on your own website or blog
– display images, videos and text from your page on your own website or blog
– use the map on your other websites to pinpoint your business location

You can get the Bidget code for available units by clicking “get bidget” in the header of the unit you want to use.

Some Bidgets have advanced configuration options.  In this way you can choose what and how to display the content and functionality of the Bidget in your own website.

Select any options, and you’ll see the code dynamically created right there.  When you’ve set any options, position your cursor in the code box, hit CTRL+C (on PC) to copy the text, then paste (CTRL+V) that code into your website or blog page where you want the Bidget to appear.

Some Bidgets are more complex than others, for example the Reviews Bidget lets you configure settings like:
– decide whether you want to show just good reviews, OK reviews or all reviews
– show all reviews, or only those from registered users
– display users avatars
– show/hide dates
– say who can review you (anyone or just registered users)