Why did the listing I added get removed or deleted (its disappeared)?

There are several reasons why your listing may be removed:

To continue to ensure that Brownbook.net is relevant and useful to our users we have a zero-tolerance policy towards spam.  Where we discover or are made aware of spam entries we will:

  • Remove the listings
  • Delete the member account(s) that made the listings
  • Blacklist the email address(es) to prevent re-offence

To avoid your listing being removed please ensure that you correctly complete the fields when adding a business.

Here are some examples of what we regard to be spam:

  • Using the business name field to enter anything other than your business name
  • Similar or identical entries which we believe relate to the same business
  • ‘Keyword stuffing’ in business names
  • ‘Keyword stuffing’ in business tags or location tags
  • Misuse of tags, for example “we guarantee to beat your fuel bills”

Duplicate listings
If we notice duplicate listings we will remove all but one of them, so best not to add your business more than once. If you think that adding your business more than once will help you get found you’d be wrong, all you’re doing is creating more noise for users to filter out (plus we’ll delete your entries and ban you, so you’ll just be wasting your time).

So, just have one listing and be sure to include all your relevant tags in that one listing, this will do you much better than having (and trying to maintain) several listings.

If you created a duplicate listing by mistake, just report it to us and we’ll delete it for you.

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