The map is not in the right place (map is wrong)

The is a global user generated business directory.  It uses Google Maps to provide global mapping in countries where Google Maps is supported.  The quality of our maps is determined by two things:

  • the quality of information that a user enters in a business listing (so be sure the address is typed accurately, with the zip/postal code in the right box and the correct country selected)
  • the quality of the Google Mapping data in respect of the country in which the listed business resides

Google send us a map based on the information we send to the Google Maps API, that information is currently: Country, address, postal/zip code.

In some cases the map does not exactly pinpoint the business in question, because either the information in the listing is wrong, incomplete, or simply cannot be recognized by the Google Map API that we use.

We also currently don’t use lat/long numbers to pinpoint exact locations, this is because most people don’t know the lat/long of businesses and so don’t have it to enter into the business listing.  Instead we rely on the Google API to resolve the address, and in some cases that can cause maps to be a little off (this varies country by country and address by address, and errors will be eliminated as the Google Map API naturally improves).

We have toyed with the idea of allowing business owners to specify lat/long numbers, as well as allowing them to drag a map pin to the exact location.  We’ll update here as this changes.