I’m unable to make updates, I can’t login

There’s no need to register to make contributions to Brownbook.net, but if you’re not registered you’ll need to click the link in a verification email that gets sent EVERY time you make a contribution.  If you’re a registered user you’re changes will appear straight away.

If you’re an unregistered user
did you click the link in the verification email?

If you’re a registered user and you get a password error message
have you tried resetting your password?

If your email address is not recognized
You’ve probably not activated your registration, did you get the activation email when you registered?

If you did not get any emails from us
did you check your junk mail folder?

If the system says your email or account is suspeneded
We have suspended your account possibly due to a complaint about your activity.  You can email us if you believe you have been suspended in error and you wish to be re-instated.

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