I just added my business listing but I can’t find it

There could be several reasons for this.

The 10 minute rule
Our search index updates every 10 minutes, so whilst you can see the business listing newly created it won’t show up in the search results for up to 10 minutes.  Search again in 10 minutes and you’ll see it there.

Did you spell it correctly?
If it’s been more than 10 minutes since you added your business listing check that you spelt the business tags and location tags correctly when you added the business or when you searched?  No, I’m not joking, you’d be amazed how often a mistake occurs.

If you’re a registered user you can see all your recent contributions in your My Account page.  If you’re not a registered user you can register now and, provided you register with the same email address you used when you made your updates, you’ll see them all in your My Account page when your registration is complete.

Correct tags and relevant tags
Did you add correct location tags and business tags, for example, if you want the search terms “Aerial Photography in Bristol” to find your business, be sure you added “Aerial” and “Photography” as business tags, and “Bristol” as one of your location tags.

Non-registered users – did you click on the verification email?
If you’re not a registered user did you receive and click on the verification email to commit your update.  This is an email sent by our system to verify you actually want to make your change.  If you didn’t receive the email, check in your Junk Mail folder, and if necessary add ‘no-reply@brownbook.net’ to your allowed senders list.