How do I find a business?

Use natural language for your search, for example “Painter in Plymouth”, or “Web Design in NJ”. uses keywords (we call them Location Tags and Business Tags) to identify business listings that match your search.

You can try altering the scope of your search with more or less specific location or business tags.

Global search and country selection is a global business directory, we cover over 250 countries.  Our four primary countries are UK, US, Canada and Australia and you’ll see you can switch between these countries using the country flags near the top of each page.  You can select any other country from the drop down list.

When you first visit we try to detect what country you’re in and give you the appropriate home page.  If we don’t know what country you’re in you’ll notice the ‘globe’ is selected.

When the globe is selected you can perform global business searches, and you can filter the results by country on the search results page.