How do I dispute a claim – someone else has claimed my business Listing?

If you believe someone else has claimed your business listing in error you can dispute the claim. You need to be a registered user to dispute a claim.

Navigate to the business listing in question, select ‘this is my business’.  Enter your message for the current claimant, and this will be sent to them for action.

When you dispute a Claim we start a 28 day timer in which the dispute must be resolved between you both. The current Claimant must respond to your message, and thereafter you can converse through the dispute system with messages to resolve your dispute.

There are three possible outcomes for a dispute:

  1. the current Claimant forfeits his Claim and the Claimed Business Listing is transferred to you – you become the new Claimant and inherit the remaining Claim time and any associated Promotions;
  2. you decide to withdraw the dispute and the Claimed Business Listing remains with the existing Claimant;
  3. If for any reason the dispute is not resolved within 28 days we’ll step in to arbitrate and either transfer the Claim or uphold the existing Claim.

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