What motivates people to give reviews?

Well, now that is an interesting question, and the fact is there is not a universal answer for everyone, we all have our different reasons. In answering that question the best we can do is offer several different opinions.

I guess the main thing is that people are unlikely to review a business if they get no recognition for the time they put into it. For example, if


The long tail of business classified advertising

I had lunch with one particular analyst last week and he explained that 90% of all businesses LISTED in yellow pages services are businesses with 5 employees or less. Imagine that, there are MILLIONS of SMALL businesses out there.

And I happen to know that on average less than 15% of all businesses


I see comments like this everywhere…

Now, granted I am sensitive to this sort of story, but seriously I see comments like this everywhere:

“…the Yellow Pages priced themselves out of sight. I have one business client who will gut their YP ads this year because now that everyone’s online, the Yellow Pages are next to worthless. DEX having decided to


The advantages of The Brownbook over traditional internet yellow pages (IYP).

Two significant trends are changing the world as we knew it;

  1. There is a tidal wave of honesty and openness riding through online society, previously bad experiences were shared at the pub and over coffee. Today people can share their experiences with thousands of others using blogs, forums…

  1. The power of peer production in communities, social networks, wikis and crowdsourcing projects is


Should I be scared of ‘bad’ reviews?

I recently had an email from a friend you had added their business to The Brownbook, and they were a little concerned about the fact that a business could get a bad review (not their business incidentally, which I happen to know has many happy clients, but in general).

I figured its a logical fear for a business owner that first discovers that