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Since we launched in February we’ve very pleased to say we got good share of local press across the UK. Meanwhile we’ve been working to make the service more friendly and useful whilst keeping it easy to use and understand. We’d like to let you know about some of the main changes…


Wool over who’s eyes…

yellow-pages-logoI just picked this off a blog I was reading… I cant believe it. Who is pulling the wool over who’s eyes here:

According to Neg Norton, president of YPA (Yellow Pages Association), “The Yellow Pages medium is still a go-to resource for ready-to-buy consumers. Overall Yellow Pages usage increased in 2007 as internet use continues to grow and print usage stabilizes. Combined with a 27:1 average sales ROI* for national display advertisers, the Yellow Pages in all formats is a ‘must-buy’ medium for advertisers of all sizes.” Source: CRM Associates.

The usage report data suggests that while online Yellow Pages searches are becoming increasingly popular (reported 15% increase in 2007), this isn’t yet cannibalising printed directories, with 84 percent of the U.S. having used the print Yellow Pages in 2007.

I’ll give you my take; for the last 10 years the printed directory providers have played a little with the online world but with the huge print cash cow and the accompanying usage, why apply similar resource to the un-proven online world and potentially risk the real profit earner – the printed directory? An old colleague of mine in the directory industry would repeatedly apply his smug look and say ‘they said the internet would take over from printed directories for the last x years and it has not happened yet, it won’t happen for the next 20 either…’. Oh how I think he will be eating his words shortly. My prediction is that it won’t be a gradual trend it will be a sudden switch, much the same way that Encyclopedia Britannica was in our homes and then Wikipedia was suddenly the encyclopedia to use.

Here is a link to a graph showing how usage can follow peer production and user interaction / user generated content, to a level that the centrally controlled model of the traditional Yellow Pages production model could never compete (source: searchengineland by Chris Silver Smith)

Thanks Sandra

Thanks also to Sandra who sent me this…

“It is a site that is really easy to use – I already prefer it to your competitor Y***.com [JB> name obscured] as they are complete charlatans as far as money goes. I added 2 companies and it was really easy. Keep up the good work!”

Thank you “K” in Bath

I asked a few of our early users what they thought of version 1, and I was thrilled to be sent this by one of our people (you know who you are K). Its really flattering when someone says stuff like this, we really appreciate it and we do listen.

“I have recently added my business to, and I have to say I am very impressed! Listing my business was quick and easy, with extra features available at very reasonable prices. When a small query arose, it was dealt with very quickly and professionally by the site owner.”

K, Bath

Spread Brownbook

Hi all, we are absolutely stoked with the initial response to The Brownbook, and we see new businesses and new members added all the time, if you’re one of those thanks for your support (and if you’re not maybe you just discovered us – why not have a dabble).

Maybe you’ll also help us spread The Brownbook by voting us UP here – and telling more people about it.

Starting to get some interest

We sent out our first press release the other day (you can get it here if you missed it) and we’re pleased to see the response from everyone. Seems like every time I look at the home page there is something new there.

If you’re one of our early visitors please tell us what you think, we’re so open to suggestions we’re practically inside-out :).

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Thanks all