Video interviewing your customers

We used Skype to talk with a random selection of people who have added their businesses to Brownbook, we asked them why they did it and what they got from it. We recorded the interview in its entirety – no editing.

What we found was both interesting and revealing.

This is something we would advise every small business to do for many reasons:

  1. you get to find out what people really think about what you do
  2. you get to find out where they see the value in the service you provide (this may be very different from the reason you think people come to you rather than your competitor), this will enable you to tailor your advertising and marketing to be more effective in attracting new customers and keeping existing customers
  3. you get to hear of any improvements you can make, and solve any outstanding issues they have
  4. they get to see a human side to you and your business and hopefully hold you in higher regard, confirming their decision to use you and therefore they are more likely to recommend you to their friends
  5. by capturing the video call, you get to create an open and honest video of you and your customer that you can distribute on video sites like YouTube, add to your web site, add to Brownbook, blog about, twitter abot… etc, all of which will help you get found online
  6. you give something back to your customer by mentioning them in your video and adding links to their business, helping them also get found online

Here are our interviews with our customers from all round the World, see what they said and the gold-dust that they left us with:

Greg – Bush Marketingand a link to Gregs Brownbook page
Ines – Miamism.comand a link to Ines Brownbook page (great page with video reviews and more…)
Robert – R A Hilton Fine Jewelersand a link to Roberts Brownbook page
Anthony – Carpet Doctorsand a link to Anthonys Brownbook page (see the reviews Anthony has collected)
Veronica – Sort Out My Visaand a link to Veronicas Brownbook page (uploaded pictures)
Anthony Morris – OM2 Marketingand a link to Anthonys Brownbook page
Steve – Elite Advertising Consultantsand a link to Steves Brownbook page
Soren and Thomas – Pople Web Designand a link to Sorens Brownbook page
Stephane – French Tutoringand a link to Stephanes Brownbook page