Brownbook V18 live today

Brownbook V18 went live today, with a couple of changes which I’ll outline here.  Aside from a whole heap of back-end stuff, the key front-end improvements revolve around the customizable business pages.

When you add new information to your business profile page (e.g. text, images, videos, widgets, etc) you can now choose to show or hide the unit titles, show or hide the unit borders, and edit the titles on most of the units.  If you already have a customized page go have a play.  On the face of it that sounds kinda small, but the result is your business profile page now looks rather more ‘clean’.  You can take a look at a few examples here:

Kosibah Creations Ltd – all borders showing, all titles showing

Woodland Skills – all borders showing, all titles showing

and our own Brownbook – some borders hidden, some titles hidden, some titles edited

Have fun