Speaking at ICMA conference in Tallinn, Estonia

downloadReally pleased to be speaking at the ICMA conference in Tallinn, Estonia on May 14th 2009 (International Classified Media Association). The event is titled “SHAPING THE FUTURE OF CLASSIFIEDS” and the session I am speaking at is titled: “Spotlight on innovation”.

It should be interesting as there will be a cross section of publishers present, some who are facing significant challenges to their traditional print revenues and are battling to resolve their online strategy, and others who are very advanced with the execution of an online strategy that is working very well for them.

And what am I talking about:

  • What are the main lessons that directory publishers (should) have learned to be successful online?
  • Why are traditional print publishers finding it hard to make money online?
  • Is a professional sales force still necessary?
  • What is Brownbook.net’s USP and why is this truly innovative?
  • What’s the business model? Revenue streams? How is it priced?
  • How do you market the Brownbook.net offering?
  • How have you educated the SME market?
  • How do you manage the user-generated content aspects?
  • What are the opportunities for classified publishers?
  • Things you wished you’d done differently…

Other speakers include:
Jacob Aqraou, General Manager and Vice President, eBay Classifieds Group, USA
Martha Stone, Director, Shaping the Future of the Newspaper Project, WAN, France
Jeroen Wilhelm, Marketing Manager, Funda Real Estate BV, The Netherlands
Ania Podkowinska, General Manager, and Iwona Polog, Online Business Manager, Trader.com, Poland

Full program.

Speaker profiles.