Latest improvements

V16 just went live with a whole bunch of improvements (Google Street View, SEO, and more…), here’s your rundown on the changes and what it means to you.

Google Street View – can now be added to your business profile page, to show people a street-level view of your location right on your business profile page.

Top country, top city and top category footers – These appear now on most pages and are part of our ongoing SEO improvements.  They help search engine spiders to index Brownbook in a relevant way, further improving the index of business profile pages.  The result of that is your business profile page, and your listing in our search results can get found more on Google and other search engine results, drawing you more customers.

REL = CANONICAL – One for the techies out there, this is a new HTML tag that we’ve implemented on our search results page and business profile pages.  It tells the search engines exactly what URL to index for the page.  Why would we need it? Because variously our page URLs can be expressed in different ways, this just ensures that your business listing gets indexed with the full URL (which includes your business name) for better SEO.  Result: improved findability in search engine results.

‘View this business’ link – This is an easy way to view a listing you’ve just created from the ‘add a business’ end-page (saves you waiting 10 minutes for the new listing to be indexed).  We used to have this link in, but removed it in a previous sprint.  Anyway, due to popular demand its now back in there.

Fixed inconsistent URLs – We fixed some bugs relating to consistent use of URLs on the search results page.  We used to use two different syntaxes for the business page URL, and this was one place where we missed standardizing.  This change, in concert with REL = CANONICAL should make for better visibility of business pages in Google and other search engine results.

Fixed missing attributes on search results page – We fixed some missing links attributes on the search results page, again this helps spiders to reach deeper search results pages and other business profile pages, great news for all businesses listed.

Fixed a bug in ‘customise my page’ where two units occasionally got added instead of just one.  This occurred when you picked ‘add unit’ then immediately cancelled without making any changes on the page.

That’s it for now, Sprint 17 is underway as of tomorrow.