Latest improvements in Brownbook land

Latest updates in Brownbook, launched last week in Version 15 include:

  • Provision of the mechanism to allow large publishers to (pretty much) instantly implement their own web2.0 classified business directory, or to augment their existing directory with Brownbook’s (co-branded) enhanced customizable business pages.  We’re rolling this out with one UK publisher right now, enhancing an existing ‘display’ type product with pages that accept video, images, widgets, and customizable layouts, and giving them a significant new revenue stream on their existing classified website.
  • We’ve also been rebuilding the main site map and mobile sitemap as part of continued SEO work that helps search engines drive deep to our business’s listing pages – good news for any business that’s listed in Brownbook
  • Removed NOFOLLOW on links to businesses websites, further enhancing the SEO benefits of having your business listed in Brownbook (thanks to a member for that suggestion – don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner)
  • Added a function that uses the Twitter API to tweet when new updates, reviews and additions get made; it tweets to the twitter account here:
  • We’ve opened up our data even more, and now allow other sites to re-use Brownbook reviews, by adding support for hReviews (Microformats –  Some of you may know we’ve supported the other microformats for about 6 months, this was one we only just got round to.
  • New fields added in Business Pages for your BLOG and TWITTER name.  This means you can now add these to your listing helping you to engage closely with new customers
  • OH, and I almost forgot, NEW SERVERS :).  Over the last 2 months or so we’ve started to see slower response times, obviously we’re continually looking for ways to optimise code, but as they say in the motor tuning trade “there’s no substitute for cubic inches”, or in our case Gigahertz and Megabytes.  We’re now up around 650,000 monthly visitors so it’s starting to get serious, so we just slotted in another webserver and a load balancer up front.

We’re about half way into our development Sprint 16, so expect news next week of more improvements.

Take care
Dave Ingram