Brownbook traffic growth

A good friend of mine sent me this image this morning…

Its always interesting to see which sites people compare Brownbook to. In this case and It shows Brownbooks rapid convergence with two very established online directories. Great news for all the small businesses that are marketing themselves in Brownbook.


I definitely see Brownbook as one place that all businesses anywhere in the World should add themselves, why not, its free and can be done instantly… Years ago, getting a web site was the goal, now getting traffic is the priority. Brownbook is an easy way for businesses to improve their chances of being found online; improve their SEO, and present a unique face to customers by customizing their listing, adding photos, videos, widgets…

Our goal is to be the Wikipedia of the directories world, that’s why we have 27 million businesses listed today, that’s why we are live in 230 countries right now… this is why the answer to ‘who are your competitors?’ becomes a little imprecise.