Improved SEO for Celebrity Lipstick

Its always great to hear from business owners who are using Brownbook to enhance their online presence, for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to ultimately get more business. Its fantastic to hear from people like Kelly who takes her online marketing seriously and is getting real benefit from listing her business on Brownbook:

I signed up for the free trial website and will develop it later this week – again, so inexpensive for the exposure I get from your SEO efforts.  I’m waaay up in the search engines because of you and my keywords on my profile. Yeah!

I was pretty busy in business before but now I’m very busy and in large part, because of Brownbook! I can always credit my business and personal successes to GOD first, but tapping into all the abundance the Universe has for me as a result of Napoleon Hill’s, “Think & Grow Rich” book, first written in 1937, gets the 2nd spot.  I wonder if my best cheerleader, my husband Lattie knows he’s third?  haha

Kelly Robertson – Celebrity Lipstick