Recent improvements…

In our quest for ongoing improvements we locked our developers away for most of January to bring you the following goodies…

– Even better SEO of business pages – helps your business get found on Google and all the major search engines.  We’re now running at around 5.5million pages indexed on Google and climbing fast every day.  We’ll keep you posted.  Our target right now is 27 million.

– Development of our API to provide a regular feed of newly added businesses, reviews, images, videos, etc to a major well-known search provider (NDAs prevent us telling which one just yet), means that additional business information you add to your business listing will appear in their local search results.

– A whole range of improvements in our Create My Website product, including some extra help text, better spacing of images in the page creator, more settings to define link styles and colors, auto-save option for page changes when you move between different pages, improved image upload and library functionality when adding images to your pages

And in other news…

– We’re now up to 600,000 visitors per month, and growing by 40% month on month

– To keep up with demand we’re adding new servers to our existing facility in San Francisco; they should be up and running within days

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