Robert Scoble chats with Brownbook

Robert is one of the top tech bloggers in the World, and Dave and I were fortunate to be able to repay him a favor that he made to us 2 years ago when he picked us up from San Francisco airport. We heard that Robert was going to visit London having come from Nokia World in Barcelona and before going to Paris for LeWeb.

It’s amazing how easy it is to talk to Robert when there is not a video camera pointing at you, but as soon as the camera is on you and you know that Roberts style is not to edit the video… its in at the deep end…


It was a real surprise when Robert suggested he would get the video camera out when we arrived at the hotel and film Brownbook. We are very grateful for the exposure; the more businesses that are added the better Brownbook becomes and the more people contribute then the more people will be rewarded for contributing.

A big thank you to Robert for taking the time to do this.