Get more business

Brownbook V10 went into test today, should be live in two or three days.  We have 3 big new features for businesses, all aimed at helping you get the attention of new customers and of course win more business:

1. Customize your Brownbook listing page
Why are all directory listing pages the same?  And how can you distinguish yourself from your competitors?  Well, we’ve always allowed you to add a little extra detail like a photo and video gallery and some detailed text, but we’re about to take it to the next level.  In this version you’ll be able to move the standard page elements around to present your listing as you wish, so for example you can move your reviews right up top, followed by your map, of that is your choice.

But thats not all, you’ll be able to add almost unlimited photos and videos, in new ‘video units’ and ‘photo units’.  This means you can move those around independently too, so you can head up your page with a promotional video if you choose.

You’ll also have some more new ‘units’ of information, including a logo unit (display your logo), a text unit (add details, including some snazzy formatting), an HTML unit (add external widgets, like Meebo’s IM widget), and more.

2. Bidgets
Yes, you heard it Bidgets.  These are Business Widgets, and they allow you to take key elements of your Brownbook listing page (like your reviews for example) and reuse them on other websites (like your own business website if you like).  So now you can add reviews, maps, your photos and videos, in fact just about every element from your Brownbook page to your external websites.

3. Create my website
An amazing 60% of small businesses DON’T have a website, and without a website you’re missing out to your competitors.  Even if you do have a website, can you update it as often as you wish to keep it fresh.  But websites are expensive, right?  And take time to set up, right?  Plus you need to be, or know, a techy, right?  WRONG.  Now you can create your own website, courtesy of us here at Brownbook.  Our online website creator lets you quickly and easily build your website, with up to 99 pages, 99 images, 99 videos, in your own style instantly.  Plus you can update it as often as you wish.  You can include your Brownbook reviews, maps, videos, in fact just about any information that’s present on your Brownbook listing page.  And we’ll link to your website from your listing page.

Thats a quick preview, more info will follow in the next few days as we update the help system and build up some demo pages for you to see.