Wikinomics features Brownbook

It is indeed an honor to be featured on After all, it was having read the international bestseller Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams that Brownbook was born.


Denis Hancock really gets why we have created Brownbook and his article highlights many of our fundamentals:

  • Traditional business directory margins
  • That Brownbook is a lean wikinomics-enabled company
  • Why we seeded 27 million business records in Brownbook
  • That the business model is low-cost or no-cost
  • Brownbook was global from day one; anyone, anywhere can add businesses anywhere in the World
  • How we are motivating prosumers to contribute with the newly launched ‘user earnings program’
  • That more people are trying to do good than bad in the World which means, less abuse of Brownbook than anyone would have thought

A great read.