Tagging Guide and New Canadian Members

We’ve been seeing tons of new Canadian traffic! Until the firehose overwhelms my teacup, I’ll be doing my best to edit them all for clarity in the tags, but please try to follow the standard tagging format. These are only guidelines, but if you follow them, you will have much better luck being found by people:

  • tags are like categories that aren’t exclusive, the longer the tag, the more specific someone has to be to find it
    • more than 3 words in a tag might not be searched for
  • try to re-use tags your competitors use
  • avoid writing prose or using the first person (I, we, etc)
  • if you have a multi word tag (like “limousine transportation”), use it, and then add another two tags for each word if they stand on their own (like “limousine” and “transportation”)
    • be careful not to add tags this way that don’t stand on their own (like “corporate limos” into “corporate” and “limos”)

In general, these might help you businesses get found, but let your customers do the categorization if you can- ask them for a review with our “invite review” feature, and they will be given the opportunity to fix up your tags.