Top 25 things vanishing from America: # 24 — The Yellow Pages

Here is a great post from Tracy Coenen on Wallet Pop. The comments certainly make amusing reading.

Link to article here.

Quote from Tracy Coenen; “The creators and marketers of the yellow pages boast that their publication is still relevant. The Yellow Pages Association suggests that 49% of American adults refer to the yellow pages every week. I’m not convinced that this is true”

“And neither is The Kelsey Group, an advertising research firm in New Jersey. They say that in recent years, the use of printed newspapers and yellow pages has been falling at a rate of 2% to 3% per year. But in 2008, the drop in usage may be closer to 10%”

As the comments show, there is usage today for both online and print directories. What I find amazing about the comments is the reluctance to realize the inevitable. Whilst there may be a place for a printed directory of sorts certainly for the next few years and potentially for a few more years for emergency type businesses, there are some overwhelming factors:

  1. Technology is advancing, will our mobile devices be the main internet device of the future, its certainly starting to look that way? One thing is for sure there will be more devices in more places and it will get faster… it aint stopping.
  2. The tech savvy generations are growing up ie, they are becoming the majority.

Add to this the additional information of today; reviews, photos, videos… then the inevitable will happen, the question is how quickly, and that depends on how fast the majority of advertisers and consumers move. It’s the directory ‘chicken and egg’ start-up in reverse, the less advertisers, the less users, the less users the less advertisers.