updates – international, mobile, plus other tweaks

There’s been a lot of activity at ‘Brown Towers’ recently, not least of all was the release of USA, Canada, and Australia.

So, in the last week we’ve gone from 2.2 million businesses listed to well over 27 million (2.2m UK, 22m USA, 1.1m Canada, 2m Australia).

Recent developments include:

– Added in FOUR new countries with base data – including the ability to search globally.  You can also add businesses in ANY world country and we’re even starting to see activity in countries where we haven’t even added base data.  We also added some diddy little flags to the home page content to denote which country the home page content is coming from.

– Re-prioritised the search results to give more weight to exact matches on business name

– Added the business name to the Recently Reviewed Businesses on the home page (so you can see which busineses people are commenting on

– Modified our OpenSearch API to support country selection in the API

– Added a more obvious link to enlarge photo reviews, and to play video reviews

– Added support for an ‘affiliate code’ so our partners can provide local search services using our PLATFORM, and they can earn money when businesses claim their listings.  This can be used in conjunction with our OpenSearch API.

– Our MOBILE PLATFORM is ALMOST ready for primetime.  A few people have been trialling it for us and initial feedback is good.  We’ve just got a few more tweaks of the UI to get it just right, and that should be live in about 2 weeks.

– We have a new member joined the UK Business Team: Sarah is responsible for getting the knowledge out about and she’s going to be working on various news, promotional, and marketing-type activities.

I’ll make another update soon, the next version due in a couple of weeks has some great new tools for business owners and consumers, so stay tuned.

PS: check out this example of a business page with a photo gallery promotion (Emy Lou Photography in Brighton, UK).