Wightbay – very nice niche site for Isle of Wight

A little bird told me that we got a mention on Wightbay’s blog, http://www.wightbay.com. Wightbay is a hyper-local site for business and consumers of The Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of the UK. They have around 12,000 registered users, which when you consider the population of the island is around 120,000 is just amazing. Its like the Craigslist of the Isle of Wight, only better looking :).
Wightbay actually got bought by the same bunch that just put some money behind us, so I guess that means we’re related. Anyway, nice site and worth a look (especially if you are on the Isle of Wight. Thanks guys for noticing us and for the mention, we love what you’re doing too.