Yell seems reluctant to face reality

yell_graph_bloomberg_dot_comYell, the UK-based Yellow Pages provider has suffered two precipitous falls in its share price over the last few days, falling 15% yesterday, and taking a whopping 26% dive the day before (the biggest drop since its shares first went public in 2003). It lost more than a quarter of its value in a single day…


Express yourself – now you can add photos and videos to your reviews

We just launched our V2 with a whole bunch of new features and tweaks.  One that I like most of all is the ability to add photos and videos to your reviews.  SO, next time you’re out and about and you get particularly good or bad service, whip out that cellphone and take a photo or video so you can attach it to your review on Brownbook.

Here’s with a photo –

Business users can now encourage their customers to give them video and photo testimonials, there’s not much thats more powerful than a real customer telling about the great service they got from you.