Get in – get found on Google

Fact: Being in The helps you get found all over the Internet. Here are some tests we just ran

We’ve been paying a lot of attention just lately to SEO, for those that don’t know that’s “search engine optimization”, in other words making sure that is helping your business get found online, improving your online marketing. I was doing a little checkup on how well our business pages are being indexed by Google (i.e. does Google know about your business listing in and your tags/keywords) and I found some interesting results.

Firstly I checked to see how we were doing in terms of how many of our business pages have been indexed so far, today its around 350,000 business pages. Now, we have north of 2.2 million businesses, so we’ve made a good start in just two months. Then I thought to myself, OK, let’s take an example of a business’s page on that I KNOW has been indexed, and I’ll try a typical search on Google to see if that business gets found. Here are a few of the results:

NB: One of the things this underlines is the importance of choosing your business tags and location tags very carefully when you add or update your business page on to ensure they are relevant to your business. If you want new customers to find you (both on, and on the general search engines like Google) make sure you add relevant tags. So, if you do business in a tight local area (eg a domestic decorator), add tags that include perhaps the local towns, areas, regions, villages. If you do business in a wider area (eg a yacht broker), add tags that are more far reaching, for example rivers, marina, countries, even continents.

The take out is this: If you want to promote your business online and generate more customers, then this stuff really works. Set to it now, you should add your business, tell friends, tell family, tell the dog.