More goodies for you

Since we launched in February we’ve very pleased to say we got good share of local press across the UK. Meanwhile we’ve been working to make the service more friendly and useful whilst keeping it easy to use and understand. We’d like to let you know about some of the main changes…

Invite a friend
When you log in now you’ll see a little ‘buddies’ icon next to your name, this shows how many people you’ve invited have registered and adds to your kudos amongst users.

Earn credibility
You’ll also see some ‘stars’ alongside your name when you’re logged in. That shows other people how active you are and helps them put trust behind your reviews and edits.

Company page URLs
For business owners we’ve made the URLs for the company pages more search engine friendly which should help your business get found through search engines like Google.

More obvious promotions
For business owners who have bought promotions we’ve added some icons on the search results page to tell people there is more information, photos, or videos in your business listing.

More accurate maps
A few people told us some of our maps were a little off, so we’ve made them much more accurate now. You should find they pinpoint businesses almost exactly.

Longer reviews
You can now write longer more useful reviews if you wish; 1000 characters instead of 400. So, who gave you good or bad service last week, here’s your chance to tell others about them.

Avatars shown alongside your reviews
People looking at your reviews now see your avatar (image) if you have uploaded one. We think it makes things a little more human.

Remember me
We’ve added a ‘remember me’ box when you login, so you can opt to be automatically logged in when you re-visit the site saving you a little time.

MicroFormats and OpenSearch
For the techies among us we’ve added support for MicroFormats and OpenSearch to all our data, so if you’re a developer and you want to build websites that interacts with business listings we’ve made it much simpler for you (if you want to see this in action you’ll need Firefox and the Operator plug in, you can get it here –

What’s coming up next
We’ll be putting the next version into development in the next few weeks. The main things you’ll be seeing there are
– Mobile user interface, so you can use on your mobile or smartphone
– USA, Canada and Australia data, plus support for other international versions

That’s about it for now, except to say that we’re also recruiting developers, designers and marketing peeps, so if you know anyone we should speak to let them know.

All the best