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The advantages of The Brownbook over traditional internet yellow pages (IYP).

Two significant trends are changing the world as we knew it; There is a tidal wave of honesty and openness riding through online society, previously bad experiences were shared at the pub and over coffee. Today people can share their … Continue reading

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Should I be scared of ‘bad’ reviews?

I recently had an email from a friend you had added their business to The Brownbook, and they were a little concerned about the fact that a business could get a bad review (not their business incidentally, which I happen … Continue reading

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How can The Brownbook work for my club… my website?

Someone asked me, how can they make The Brownbook work for their club? Eg. Shops in the area that give our members a discount, or businesses that are owned by our members, or shops that supply certain specialist goods that … Continue reading

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What is all this about?

If you truly want to know what gets us up in the morning you should read : – Wikinomics – How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, by Don Tapscott – The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, … Continue reading

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Brownbook integrates local business search with Firefox Browser

Latest news from our tech team is that you can now add a Brownbook search right into the toolbar of your Firefox web browser (and with tens of millions of people now using Firefox that’s a lot of

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Brownbook adopts Microformats

Yep, as of today (about 1 hour ago in fact) The Brownbook adopted Microformats. What they hell does that mean, I hear all but the most technically aware ask? Well, it means it allows The Brownbook website to

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I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep tonight. I can’t sleep because my mind is racing concerning the impact of peer-produced projects like The Brownbook. I decided to pick a book of my bookshelf, one of those I bought recently but haven’t yet got … Continue reading

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