Brownbook integrates local business search with Firefox Browser

Latest news from our tech team is that you can now add a Brownbook search right into the toolbar of your Firefox web browser (and with tens of millions of people now using Firefox that’s a lot of people who can benefit).

Let me tell you how you do it…

Navigate to, then in the Firefox quick search box (in the toolbar, near the top right by default) click the little ‘down arrow’. Simply select “Add Brownbook business search” and you’re done. Now, from any web page, you can use this Firefox search box to instantly perform a Brownbook local business search. Simple pimple.

You can flip between different searches in that box by hitting that ‘down arrow’ beside it and selecting one of the other searched.

In the next few days I’ll do a few screen captures to show you how some of these new things work.

PS: Also keep an eye out for our OpenSearch implementation which will allow anyone to write search queries to our database and get back search results in a format than can be integrated into any other website.