Brownbook adopts Microformats

Yep, as of today (about 1 hour ago in fact) The Brownbook adopted Microformats. What they hell does that mean, I hear all but the most technically aware ask? Well, it means it allows The Brownbook website to work seamlessly with other software that you might use in the course of your day, making it super easy to get things done more quickly. Read on and I will explain further…

What does this mean to you?
– You can now easily export a business details to a format that you can use on your mobile, in outlook, or indeed in any other app, bookmark it in your browser, or export to Yahoo! contacts (more functionality will follow)
– Find the business with Google Maps, get directions to the business, etc.

But what’s more exciting is that this opens up new possibilities for other websites and other applications to work with Brownbook in new ways that we haven’t even thought of yet. This is one of the main pillars of what we are doing, those other yellow pages type services are trying to lock all their data down and stop you using it except in the way that they specify, but that’s not the new way. If there’s a smart developer out there that wants to mash up what we do with their own service and create something new and of value then go for it, why not.

More info on Microformats can be found here in Wikipedia and at here.

Here are some more ways in which Microformats will revolutionize the way data is re-used on the web.

Microformats will be supported in the next versions of most of the major browsers, but in th meantime you can get the Operator Toolbar for Firefox Browser here.